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Shukokai “the way for all” was founded by Soke Chojiro Tani (1921-1998).

It is a dynamic form of Okinawan karate, renowned for its speed and power, it blends traditional styles of karate with modern techniques.

Shukokai is a direct descendant from its parent style, Shito Ryu which was founded by Soke Kenwa Mabuni (1880-1952).

Kyo Rei Shukokai Karate was founded in 1993 by Chief Instructor Robin Horsfall 6th Dan..Read more

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Not at all. You’ll find that our classes for beginners are the perfect way to build up your overall fitness level regardless of your physical condition. Good luck!
Yes! There is no problem with you visiting and watching one of our classes in progress. Contact London Karate and arrange a viewing. There are some venues that are closed to the public due to the nature of the venue such as Schools but get in touch and we can arrange a viewing at another venue.
Our Adult classes cater for all ages. Age is no limit. It is great way to stay fit at any age. If you have any concerns, please get in contact and we will provide options to suit your needs.
There is a stigma that comes with martial arts and combat sports, that each student is required to fight, you will get hit, get hurt, lose brain cells, etc. Many people avoid trying martial arts for this reason, or deter their children from such activity. It is unfortunate, because this is not the case in martial arts. When you learn martial arts, you learn body awareness. Learning martial arts enhances your hand eye coordination, as well as overall coordination for your entire body. When you are more coordinated, you have more control over your movements in everyday life, not just in the gym. This control prevents countless injuries in everyday life; while walking, cleaning, lifting, any sort of active movement. There aren’t martial arts schools where you will get “beat up” unwillingly. Meaning, you don’t have to spar if you don’t want to. You also won’t be partnered with someone who just wants to hurt people. Instructors and masters are always there to help. You can talk to them about your fears of sparring, or any technique or drill, and they can help you overcome it. Sometimes getting hurt is part of the process, and can save your life. The basis of martial arts is to defend oneself against attackers. You have to learn what hurts in order to be able to avoid getting hurt. Most people know that punches, knees, and kicks hurt. Martial artists know that there are certain pressure points and weak spots on the body, other than the obvious, that can help defend against an attack, and weaken your attacker. Martial artists also study ways to avoid their own moves, and how to defend themselves so they don’t get hurt. This type of training inevitably will cause some bruises and sprains, but they are minor- and worth it -considering the skills you are learning could one day save your life. Instructors and masters are there to help you learn and get you to the next level; they want to see you succeed. They will know when you need to slow down, and will rely heavily on your personal opinion of how much you can take. Putting your trust in your instructors is a safe bet; they have been doing this a very long time and have lots of experience. They will push you, because facing your fears is a huge part of training martial arts.

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