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Please note all kit is delivered to class and can take up to 14 days from the order being placed.

Courses & Gradings

Following the Prime Minsters latest advice on 16 March 2020, to avoid unnecessary gatherings we have decided that the grading will not be taking place this term. If you have already booked then your booking will be carried over to next terms grading.

This category will only show available Courses and/or Gradings while they are on sale. Gradings will only show on this page once forms have been given out in class (usually after half term). Please ensure you only book gradings if your teacher has given you a form to confirm the student is ready to grade.

Gradings take place at the end of each term. Courses need to be attended to be eligible for grading.

When students reach Brown belt the grading is a full day 9am to 4pm

When students reach Black belt the grading is over 2 days

Children’s Classes

Adult’s Classes

To pay for your adult class, please speak directly to your instructor. Please Call or Email us if you have any questions or concerns.