Welcome pack

New students are welcome to come along for a free trial lesson to one of our venues before committing to the classes.  If you are joining part way through the term, we will provide you with a pro-rata price following the trial sessions.  Please contact us at londonkarateshop@gmail.com for the pro-rata price.

All students are given a hard copy of the welcome pack at the very first lesson by the teacher. Please click here to download the forms

Karate License

The Karate License is the annual membership to the organisation.  All students are required to have a valid license to take examinations.  Students cannot take the belt exams without a license.

Please click here to Download the forms

Please be advised that if your child stops Karate, it is your responsibility to cancel the standing order with your bank.  We have no control over the standing order and cannot cancel it on your behalf.  If you forget the cancel the standing order we will refund your payment less an administration fee for the current year only as per the terms and conditions listed on the welcome pack and refund policy.

Click to view our Karate Refund Policy