London Karate will be closed on Monday 19 September as a mark of respect for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022
Kyo Rei Karate Shukokai

About Us

Shukokai “the way for all” was founded by Soke Chojiro Tani (1921-1998). It is a dynamic form of Okinawan karate, renowned for its speed and power, it blends traditional styles of karate with modern techniques. Shukokai is a direct descendant from its parent style, Shito Ryu which was founded by Soke Kenwa Mabuni (1880-1952).

Kyo Rei Shukokai Karate was founded in 1993 by Chief Instructor Robin Horsfall 6th Dan. Our London karate organisation has been one of the fastest growing karate groups in the UK, with a current membership of over 800 students. Our style of karate “Shukokai do” means “way for all”.

Shukokai is a traditional Okinowan karate style with the emphasis on self discipline, good manners and respect for others.

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We welcome new students from 4 years old upwards and have many clubs around West London and South West London to choose from including Putney, Richmond, Chiswick, Teddington, East Acton,  Roehampton, Hammersmith, Brentford and Kingston.

Karate is a fantastic way to increase fitness levels, whilst improving flexibility and stamina. It can also reduce stress levels and help with goal focusing.

Thousands of children have trained through our organisation over the years. While some have gone on to compete successfully at a National and international level, everyone has taken out something even more important: self-esteem and good attitude.

For those who require it, our child protection policy can be found here.

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