London Karate will be closed on Monday 19 September as a mark of respect for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022
Kyo Rei Karate Shukokai


Do I have to be in shape to get started?
Not at all. You’ll find that our classes for beginners are the perfect way to build up your overall fitness level regardless of your physical condition. Good luck!
Can my child come for a free trial?

Yes, your child is welcome to come along for a free trial. Just telephone us to arrange the trial class.

Am I too old to start martial arts training?
No, karate is suitable from children aged 4 through to adults of all ages. Our adult classes are held on Mondays at The Roehampton Club from 8pm to 10pm, Tuesdays at The Lensbury Club from 7.30pm to 9pm and Wednesday at 63 Upper RIchmond Road from 8pm to 10pm.
Do I need a karate license?

All students wishing to take the belt exams are required to be a member of the organisation and therefore need a karate license. The karate license is set up by annual standing order. Please contact for the forms.

At what age can my child start karate?

Our Karate classes are suitable for children age 4 upwards.

Are your teachers DBS checked?

All of our teachers have had enhanced DBS checks.

Can I start classes part way through the term?

Yes you can start classes part way through the term. We will provide a pro rata price for the term following the trial session.

Does my child need to wear a karate suit?

Karate suits should be worn to the classes. We suggest waiting a couple of weeks before purchasing a suit through our website. Karate suite do have to have the London Karate logo on them.

Do I have to attend courses?

When a student reaches red belt they are required to attend at least one course per term if they wish to be considered for grading.

How often can I take the belt exam?

Gradings are held at the end of each term. Teachers will give grading forms out to students that are ready to take their next belt in the second half of the term. Students can only grade if advised by their teacher that they are ready.

How do I cancel my karate license?

If a student stops doing karate, they just need to cancel the annual standing order direct with their bank. London Karate can not cancel the standing order for you and it is the responsibility of the parent / student to cancel the standing order if they stop karate.